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Joint Pain Specialists

The joints in your body are the parts that link your entire skeletal system into a cohesive unit. Without them, your bones wouldn’t be able to function the way they ought to. Age and overuse of the joints can cause them to get damaged or injured. One of the symptoms of this injury is joint pain.

If you’re experiencing joint pain in your shoulders, knees, ankles, or hips, visit us at Bay Area Orthopaedic & Sports Specialists. Dr. Warren Strudwick Jr. is a highly-reputed orthopeadic surgeon, and you can trust him for customized joint care.

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Why do you experience joint pain?

When you experience joint pain, you feel discomfort and a twinge of pain whenever you use your joints. For example, if your shoulder joints are injured, lifting your hands above your head or in front of you can cause shoulder joint pain.

While in most cases, this pain is self-healing; sometimes, you need to seek professional treatment. Athletes and people working in industries that involve heavy labor are the most prone to severe joint-related injuries. The overuse of your bones can increase the friction on the joints and cause excessive wear and tear. This can lead to inflammation of the joints and tenderness.

Apart from overuse, illnesses like influenza, hepatitis, mumps, gout, and lupus can cause swelling inside the body, including your joints. Any injury to your tendons, ligaments, and cartilage can also affect the joints, damaging them and resulting in pain.

Finally, your joint capsules – the part of the body that seals the joints in place and gives them stability – can become old or worn-out, stiffen, and make the joints inflexible. Any time you try to move the stiff joints, you’ll experience intense pain.

How joint pain manifests

Pain in the joints is just the first sign of a more serious underlying problem. It is usually accompanied by other physical symptoms like:

▸ Swelling around the area where the joint is.
▸ Inflexibility or complete immobility of the joint area.
▸ Persistent pain in the affected area for more than 3-4 days.
▸ Sudden, jolting pain in your joints when you move.
▸ The affected area feels warm and tender when touched.

▸ Fractures or ligament/tendon injuries.
▸ Nerve impingement around the area.
▸ Shakiness and instability in the affected joints.
▸ Very reduced movement range.

If you notice any of these symptoms, visit us at Bay Area Orthopaedic & Sports Specialists. Dr. Strudwick is a highly-experienced orthopedic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience and he can provide the treatment you need.

Arthritis and joint pain connection

In severe cases, joint pain could also be indicative of arthritis. Typically, when we say arthritis, we refer to over 200 different joint conditions. Of these, the most common is osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

In OA, the cartilage between your bones disintegrates due to excessive use and your bones start rubbing together. This friction causes tears and inflammation in your joints, leading to pain. If this joint pain and damage aren’t taken care of, there may be permanent damage to the bones.

In RA, the immune system of the body attacks the joints and causes them to swell-up and become stiff. This stiffness, tenderness, and swelling cause pain. In severe cases, joint deformities may occur if treatment isn’t provided.

This is where Dr. Strudwick and his team of surgeons can help.

Seek joint pain treatment
by the expert

At Bay Area Orthopaedic & Sports Specialists, we specialize in both non-surgical and surgical orthopedics. Dr. Strudwick is a very experienced surgeon with years of experience treating joint pain. He has particular expertise in sports injuries related to joint conditions.

He will conduct a thorough analysis of your condition and create a treatment plan that is suitable to your needs and medical history. Painkillers, injections, ointments, and steroids will be provided to ease the pain and reduce swelling. If you need joint restoration, repair, replacement or fusion, he can do it for you.

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