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Medical Legal Exams

Medical Legal Exam

Our medical legal exam, also known as an MLE, is an examination that is carried out by our medical practitioner in order to offer an unbiased appraisal of an individual’s medical condition for the purposes of legal proceedings. The objective of our MLE is to ascertain the nature, severity, and underlying causes of an injury or disability, as well as their connection to a particular occurrence or accident.

Our MLE services are frequently sought by attorneys, insurance companies, or other legal bodies in order to receive a medical opinion on a case that is objective and free from prejudice. The examination is carried out by one of our competent members of Bay Area Orthopedic & Sports Specialists, who then writes a comprehensive report in which they present their findings and comments. In the event of a court process, the report may be presented as evidence.

Our MLEs have the potential to be useful in many different types of legal disputes, including those involving personal injury, worker’s compensation, disability claims, and medical malpractice. That being said, a review of the patient’s medical history, a physical examination, and any further diagnostic tests that are required are often included in the exam by our experts if needed.

Independent Medical Exam

Our independent medical exam or IME is performed by one of our medical experts who is not engaged in the patient’s treatment or care in any way. This kind of examination assesses your medical condition, taking into account any injuries or limitations you may have, and offers an opinion on whether or not you are able to continue working or engaging in everyday activities.

An insurance provider or an employer may make a request for an IME, and in most cases, the person making the request is responsible for paying the associated costs involved at our clinic.

Agreed Medical Exam

An agreed medical exam, also known as an AME, is one that is carried out by our medical experts that has been mutually selected by all parties engaged in the legal issue. Your AME professional will assess your current medical state and provide their professional judgment on the severity of your injuries or impairments. The opinion of the AME physician may be used to establish whether or not you are eligible for benefits, as well as to settle any disagreements that may arise between the parties. In most cases, the parties concerned will share the financial burden of paying for an AME at our location.

Qualified Medical Exam

The qualified medical exam that we provide at Bay Area Orthopedic & Sports Specialists is a complete examination that is carried out by one of our qualified medical experts in order to ascertain an individual’s physical capabilities as well as their limits. When determining whether or not a person is qualified for employment or remuneration, employers and insurance companies often require the individual to take this examination. To ensure that people get the proper degree of care and assistance, our group of knowledgeable specialists conducts assessments that are comprehensive as well as extremely accurate.

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